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Stallholder applications are invited in the following categories:

  • Garlic and garlic-related produce
  • Food stalls (food to eat on the day)
  • Coffee and soft beverages (milkshakes, juices)
  • Produce stalls (both fresh and prepared) includes jams, meats, veggies, cheeses
  • Garden and Home (garden and food/entertainment-related items)

We are enthusiastic about supporting our stall holders and will include details of your products on our festival website - and a message about any Garlic Hero Products you intend to offer as a special for the festival.

Terms and conditions and site fees

Please read our terms and conditions before applying for a stall. Our festival stall fees are listed within our terms and conditions.

Download the terms and conditions (PDF).

We will not be providing power to our stalls. If power is essential to your stall, you must bring along an approved generator to supply this power.

Sustainability Guidelines (PDF)