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The Garlic Precinct brings the biggest and best selection of locally-grown garlic to the festival. This is a unique opportunity to explore the widest range of garlic in one place in Victoria.

Try and buy the best garlic in the country from more than a dozen growers from South Gippsland and across Victoria. Talk to our growers and feel their passion for growing garlic. We have tonnes of great Aussie garlic for you.

Featured Growers

  • Grand Ridge Organics
  • Gerdavale Garlic
  • Green Hills Farm
  • Mirboo Farm
  • Koonwarra Farm
  • Balmattum Garlic
  • Garlic Essentials
  • Tooley Garlic
  • Freshwater Creek Garlic
  • Indigo Farm Welshpool
  • Franklin River Garlic
  • Gonzo Garlic & Tooley Garlic
  • Flinders Farm Gate

Gardening & Greens Stalls

  • Gatha Gardens
  • Gardenacious
  • Penny Woodward
  • Springmount Fine Foods
  • Grow Heirloom
  • The Truffle House
  • Peppermint Ridge Farm Native Foods
  • Tiny Gardener
  • Saffron Willis
  • Mirboo North Blueberries