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The original soulful sound of Kate Appleyard and Ben Mawdsley is captivating audiences across Australia and beyond.

This young coastal Victorian duo share dreams, hope, love and connection through their music. With Kate’s warm angelic voice and Ben’s rhythmic and passionate artistry on guitar, they love playing to audiences who enjoy their poetic sound and life-rich lyrics.

Ben and Kate first joined as a duo in January 2018. They started performing cover songs from a variety of modern country musicians and pop artists and began performing in their local area. They started writing their original songs in March 2018, spent time in Nashville, and released their first EP, Hello World, on January 12th, 2019, debuting at no.5 on the iTunes Country Music Charts and no.75 on the iTunes Music Charts for all genres. In April 2019 they released their second single, My Soldier, debuting at no.10 on the iTunes Country Music Charts. They donated funds to the Australian War Memorial and The Legacy in respect of Anzac Day with every pre-order.

Their debut album, Alive, was released in September 2019 and peaked at no.13 on the iTunes Country Music Charts. The self-produced music video for Alive made it to the Top Finals in the World Songwriting Awards.

Four of their songs are finalists in the 2020 Tamworth Songwriters Association (TSA) Awards, three of which came from their debut album. Their song Walk Away was a semi-finalist in the Lyric Writer Award for 2019 in the TSA Awards.


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