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Joel White

Co-Founder | Arawata Heirloon

Joel White is a food sales and marketing professional with over 30 years experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Joel’s career has spanned working in multi-national organisations, SME’s and now as founder of a start-up business in the foodservice sector.  He has held senior marketing roles managing global and market leading food brands and has managed Coles & Woolworths at a national level. Joel was a shareholder and served as CEO of a market leading health food brand until its sale. He has held board positions and consulted to a few food businesses and now is on the board of the Australian Garlic Industry Association.

Eight years ago Joel purchased a 300 acre beef enterprise in Arawata SW Gippsland and in the last few years has expanded the enterprise into growing garlic. Joel has found his experience in running food businesses invaluable in navigating the strategic, financial and marketing challenges of a farming operation. His enterprise is focussed on regenerative farming practices with a dedication to soil health.  Joel is here today to share his experience as a new garlic grower and to inspire those of you who are thinking about entering the garlic industry with the aim of growing to a commercial scale.