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Borderline Gippsland

Borderline’s musicians have been performing in Gippsland for over many years, with each
member having been in a range of bands, including rock, pop, jazz, cabaret and country
groups. Dan Boothman is renowned throughout Gippsland as being one of the best singers in
the district through his many years in bands and with the Strzelecki Stringbusters. Dan has
been working in bands since his teenage years and is well respected for his instrumental
work on the guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Carolyne Boothman is also a respected
musician in Gippsland, having won several awards in Gippsland for singing and songwriting
competitions. Fellow musicians call her the “Alison Krauss of Gippsland,” and Carolyne
admits Krauss is one of her idols. Carolyne also plays acoustic guitar and ukulele. Rick
Teychenne is recognised as one the best bass guitarists in the region, having many years of
experience in bands like Sophisticated Swing and many others. Rick has brought strong
vocal harmonies and his sweet vocal tone to the group as well. Keith “Buck” Ingleton is a
drumming icon in Gippsland, having played in many bands throughout Gippsland and
beyond for over 50 years. Buck brings his talented vocal work to the group as well as his
terrific rhythm work. Ron Armstrong joined the band in late 2021, and his excellent
keyboard skills have added a new dimension to many of the songs Borderline perform. Ron
is a highly experienced and well-respected musician, having played, and still playing, with
many bands in Gippsland. Songs like ‘It’s Too Late’, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and ‘My
Life’ sounds fabulous with the full keyboard sound. Borderline performs a range of covers
and own compositions featuring great instrumental work and strong, blended harmonies.

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