Garlic Workshops

Join in our day of ‘hands-on’ garlic workshops with our cooks, producers and garlic growers
demonstrating their skills in the Workshop Tent right amongst the Garlic and Greens Precinct.

Workshops include:

• Garlic Oil and other Chef’s Techniques
• Smoked garlic butter
• Fermenting Garlic (black garlic)
• Smoking garlic
• Plaiting garlic


Chef’s Tips & Techniques

Meg Viney-Bell

Trained in French cuisine, local chef, artist and author, Meg, will share her insights from the Festival Cookbook, ‘The Garlic Companion’. Learn the basic building blocks of using garlic in your cooking – from preparing garlic oil to smoking garlic and a whole lot more tips from a teacher of fine cuisine

Smoked garlic

Hot-Smoked Garlic

Bill Bell & David Jones

Unlock the amazing flavours of fresh Australian garlic with our demonstrations of hot smoking’. Smoked garlic has a mellow flavour that’s delicious slathered on toast, stirred through vegetable mashes, added to pasta sauces or served with barbecued meats or fish. Any one can create the magic taste of smoked garlic.

family show

Plaiting Garlic – Italian Technique

Alberto Vilella
Alberto grew up in the Sunraysia on the family veggie farm and has a lifelong passion for
growing great produce. He will demonstrate his braiding technique which works best with
hard neck garlics.

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