Garlic Precinct

The Garlic Precinct brings the biggest and best selection of locally-grown garlic to the Festival. This is a unique opportunity to explore the widest range of garlic in one place in Victoria.

Try and buy the best garlic in the country from more than a dozen growers from South Gippsland and across Victoria. Talk to our growers and feel their passion for growing garlic.

Literally, we have ‘tonnes’ of great Aussie Garlic for you.


garlic garlic

Featured Growers

  • Sunnyhurst Garlic
  • Butterfield Farm
  • Herbit Herbs
  • Freshwater Creek Garlic
  • Weyhill Farm
  • Tanderra Farm
  • Marapana Garlic
  • Deep Creek Garlic
  • Grigg Organics
  • Mirboo Farm
  • Grand Ridge Organics
  • Plus local home-growers from the Meeniyan district
  • Gerdavale Garlic
  • Franklin River Garlic

Garlic Institute

Learn about growing garlic, the varieties and health benefits.

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